Sunday, 26 August 2018

Send flowers to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sending flowers is a great way to remind that special someone how much you care. The traditional approach to purchasing them is by visiting the near florist. But what would you do if you are busy or you are far away? It might not every time be manageable for you to go to the shop and get the flowers. But with the advanced technology you can send flowers to the receiver easily. You can browse flowers on flower website and order them online anytime, anywhere.
Send flowers to Ho chi minh, Vietnam online
Beautiful flowers for your loved ones
Hochiminh flower shop is known to send flowers online in Hochiminh city, no matter what your event or occasion be. If you are looking ahead to celebrate the birthday of your loved one, planning to attend  a friend’s wedding, a baby shower or thank you, you can have beautiful flower delivered at your doorsteps in no time.

1. Express your love with sending flowers

Flowers are greatest gifts that you can send to your loved ones, irrespective of the occasion as they tend to express your feelings and emotions in a way words cannot. So, hesitate no further and get your hands online for you to have fresh and beautiful flowers delivered to your home or that of your loved one in a short time. These flowers come in different shapes, sizes, colors, types and fragrance. Hence, you have a wonderful fortuity to make your choice based on your preference or that of your loved one. You can stay at home and just have to make a few clicks online, right from the comfort of your home and have fresh online flower delivery done at your doorsteps.

Send flowers to your girlfriend in HCMC
Express your love with sending flowers

We have a wide range of flowers for you. With the red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, white roses, you will even find a variety of exotic flowers like lilies, orchids, daisies, lisianthus and carnations… on the list. And you can send birthday flowers, Valentine’s day flowers, anniversary flowers, Mother’s day flowers to your special someone. So you can make a wise choice of gifting exotic flowers to your loved ones without having a huge sum.

2. Send flowers anytime, anywhere with Hochiminh flower shop

Whatever season your city has, you can get flowers accordingly so that they keep blooming in all their glory. Based on your current season and choice, which will be delivered to your doorstep without delays. Since the flowers you order will be delivered fresh to you, along with the neat wrapping, you have absolutely nothing to worry. Whether you want to express love, well wishes, apologies, congratulations, no words can convey your message as perfectly online to order wonderful flowers for your loved ones right away. So visit right away and choose from a bouquet of exotic flora that you might had never seen before and have it delivered to your doorsteps, which can be a perfect gift for your near and dear ones.
Send flowers online to HCMC
Beautiful flowers delivered to the recipient's doorsteps

Just order your flowers by 4:00pm any day between Monday to Sunday and our expert will hand deliver the gift on the same day itself. So you want to send flowers to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam? It’s not a big deal for us. At Hochiminh Flower Shop, we make flower giving simple and exciting, allowing you to focus on the celebration with your family members and friends.

Showroom and Head Office: 151 Cong Quynh Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 01, HoChiMinh City, VietNam
Hotline: +84 973535559 (English) (ViệtNam)

Friday, 17 August 2018

Online flower delivery in Hochiminh city

Flower delivery is a service in floristry. In many cases it is conducted through websites which allow consumers to browse online catalogues of flowers. They are often delivered to a third party, the recipient of the gift.

As we know, flowers are one of the simplest yet best gifting options for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, work and personal life related accomplishments. Flowers fit every occasion and are suitable gifts for people of all groups. Gone are those days when we would have to visit a florist shop in the local markets and buy flowers. The new age calls for ordering for flowers via the online platform as it is much more convenient and also gives one access to a large variety of flowers that may not be available locally.

1. Online flower delivery in Hochiminh city

Beautiful flower delivered Hochiminh city
Online flower delivery in Hochiminh city, Vietnam

Distance makes us miss our friends and family and our absence on special occasions makes it worse. However, with technological advancements, we can make up for our absence by sending beautiful flowers to our people on their special days. The flowers reach the assigned address on the indicated date and time. Therefore, we can now sit at home and order for flowers that will be sent to the receiver without us having to do anything. Our only task is to use the website and place the order for the flowers or bouquets. The flowers are sent fresh and the bouquet compositions are done beautifully in order to make the receiver feel loved even when the sender is at a distance. Online flower delivery has now become famous as most people are making use of this facility to make their friends and family feel the love even from a considerable distance

2. Customize your bouquets and add special notes

Pink rose arrangement delivered HCMC
Beautiful flowers make receiver feel more special

The best part about shopping for flowers online is that the vendors/website has a ‘customize your bouquet’ option where the sender can select the flower numbers, types and quality as per their choice.  Along with flower and arrangement customization, they can write special notes and that will be included in the bouquet. This one feature ensures that the bouquets seem personal and the receiver feels special when they receive the flowers on their special day. The online flower shop in Hochiminh city is taking the online path to cater to new age needs of their customers.

3. Choose the perfect flowers for every occasion

Love flowers delivery in HCMC
Beautiful flower arrangement for any occasion

One may think that all flowers are fit for gifting in any occasion. This is a misconception for, just as there are specific materials gifts for different occasions, there are some specific flower categories that suit particular occasions. To explain using an example, a yellow flower describes or stands for friendship. Therefore, yellow roses or other yellow flowers are great for a friend’s birthday or special day. On the other hand, presenting yellow flowers to a lover is inappropriate. Red is the color of love, hence, red flowers go best for lovers or couples. There are some suitable flower categories according to the months. If one carries out a deeper research, they can find out the flowers that are best suited for every month.

Send flowers to your loved ones, co-employees, parents or any other person who you are close with as they are the perfect gifts for such days. If you have any question, our staffs at online flower delivery in Hochiminh city are happy to help.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Which are the best flowers for birthday?

Birthday only come around once a year. And a bouquet of flowers for birthday is the perfect way to make them smile. But different flowers have different meanings and their symbolism can take a whole new dimension when given on a special occasion.

So which are the best flowers for birthday should you pick as a birthday gift for the different people in your life? Follow our guide to make sure that you always choose the best birthday flowers, whether it be for your wife or girlfriend, for your mom, for your sister, for a friend or even for him.


1. Best flowers for your wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday

Send 99 red rose bouquet to HCMC
Send 99 red rose bouquet to express your unconditional love

Absolute symbol of love and romance, red roses should not just be confined to Valentine’s Day. They remain the go-to flowers on any occasion when it comes to pleasing your wife or girlfriend. And a birthday is no exception.

Nothing will ever beat red roses in saying “I love you”. Go for a bouquet of 99 red roses if you wish to express your unconditional love. If the relationship is still quite new, then maybe consider pink ones. They represent sweetness and poetic romance.

Another safe option for your partner would be to simply pick her favorite flowers in her favorite color. Without any double, she will acknowledge the thought and effort you put into pleasing her.

There are many great gifts to give along with flowers. But if you are planning to treat her to a romantic soiree, don’t hesitate to add a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolate. Everybody knows their meanings.

2. Best flowers for your Mom’s birthday

Send pink lily bouquet to  HCMC
Pink lily bouquet for Mom's birthday
From colored roses to beautiful lilies or exotic orchids, there’s an array of flowers that will make your mom feel special on her birthday. And no matter your final pick, your birthday flower will always be a hit.

A bouquet of pink oriental lilies will symbolize the infinite tenderness and gratitude you feel for her. You will make her feel the same with roses, no matter their colors.

Easy to care for and long lasting, exotic orchids are also a good option to consider. These flowers represent love, beauty and strength, so they are perfect choice to celebrate your mom’s birthday.

And if you can’t make up your mind, then combine several flowers. Mix premium roses with lilies to create a beautiful arrangement. If you like to think big, just add a few orchids, carnation as well as magnolia leaves for a stunning birthday bouquet that will make a lasting impression.

3. Best flowers for your sister’s birthday

Beautiful pink rose bouquet
Pink rose bouquet for sister's birthday

Pink rose, which symbolize so softer and gentler side of love, will always make a perfect choice for a sister’s birthday. They are as rich in meaning as their red counterparts, so pink roses are perfect way to show your unconditional affection. Symbol of caring and love, roses are also a great pick. Choose them pink, the color of sweetness and admiration and are a traditional ways to say thanks. Whether they are for your sister or best friend, a pink rose bouquet will create a bright spot in a special someone’s day or you can arrange bouquet of mixed flowers. These mixed flowers bouquet are a stylish surprise for any lucky lady and great for a variety of occasions.

Is your sister still (and forever will be) that sweet baby girl in your eyes? Then why not add a cute soft teddy bear. It will be make a cuddy addition to your birthday flower bouquet.

4. Best flowers for your friend’s birthday

Send mixed flower arrangement to HCMC
Best flower arrangement for your friend's birthday
If you are looking to send birthday flowers for a friend, then you won’t need to rack your brains about the symbolism of your bouquet. Just focus on choosing a bright and colorful arrangement that radiates happiness and cheerfulness.

To do so, a vibrant multicolored rose or a sunflower bouquet will work wonders. You can also mix different flowers. For example, a gorgeous bouquet of roses, lisianthus, lilies…will always make a big impact.

Yellow roses will also be perfect to express how much you care for your friends, as they denote friendship, goodwill and joy. Sunflowers, which are like rays of sunshine, would produce the same effect and brighten anyone’s day.  Keep this option in mind, especially since they symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Perfect for your friend.

5. Best birthday flowers for him

Send sunflowers to HCMC
Sunflower arrangement for your boyfriend's birthday

Maybe you’re asking yourself if you should send flowers on your boyfriend’s birthday. Or if it’s ok to send flowers to a male friend in his office? Well, society has evolved and (most) guys are now fine with showing their appreciation of a beautiful floral arrangement. But what are the best birthday flowers for him?

A bouquet of wild flowers will be a great choice for a man. Sunflowers are also a safe bet, as well as anything topical. If you are unsure, if it’s a first or if you rather not take too much risk, then a safer option for him would be to opt for a plant. Not only it will bring a touch of green to their home or office, but it will also lasting longer then flowers.

Remember… Whoever you’re sending birthday flowers to, don’t forget to add a card with a personalized message. Even if your bouquet speaks for itself, even if it sometimes requires more effort, a few well-chosen words will never hurt and touch the person’s heart even deeper.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Send birthday flowers to Hochiminh city

Sending your best wish on birthday? Birthday flower bouquet is your chance to impress and bring a lot joy on a special day. Birthday flowers delivered to the door will get them into mood for celebration instantly. Only thing you need to know is there phone/address and we will deliver flowers to recipient.

Birthday flower delivered HCMC same day
Birthday flowers delivered to recipient's door or office

There are many kind of flowers and it can be difficult to find the right bouquet from the widest choice available today. The best birthday flower bouquet is the one that fits your recipient’s personality. Is he/she serious or fun? Here is a short guide what flowers go with each birth month.

January: carnation
February: Violet
March: Daffodil
April: Daisy
May: Lily
June: Rose
July: Larkspur
August:  Gladiolus
September: Aster
October: Marigold  
November: Chrysanthemum.
December: Narcissus
You can choose a birthday flower bouquet that you think the recipient will love the most. Flowers are a source of joy and gratitude and even more so on birthday. Thanks to online florist you can now have birthday flowers, gifts, cake delivered free.

Tips for sending birthday flowers:

There is no strict etiquette for sending flowers to celebrate birthday. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind.
Heart shaped flowers for birthday in Hochiminh city
Beautiful flower birthday arrangement for special someone 

Firstly, consider your relationship with the recipient. If it’s your friend and she is not your loved one, you should avoid a bouquet of red rose. If you want to send birthday flowers to a man, opt for bold and simple bouquet, stay away from soft, pastel tones. If you want to surprise your mom on her birthday, she would love soft pastel tones with delicate flowers.

Secondly, consider the time delivery. If you want to make sure your surprise arrives first thing in the morning, pay for dedicated delivery time. It makes a real difference for someone to start the big day with a bold flower bouquet.

Send birthday flowers with fast and free delivery Hochiminh city.

Flowers can be delivered to office or workplace or to home address. We can arrange delivery same day or named day delivery. Saturday and Sunday delivery is also available without extra charges. We can also send flowers across Hochiminh city and Vietnam, free delivery. You can spoil your sweetheart one with romantic blooms.

If you are sending flowers for a relative’s birthday or to a partner, do it online. Take a look at our online selection of flowers for girlfriends, boyfriend, mom…or simply buy flowers according to your own taste. Have birthday flowers delivered straight to the door and save yourself a lot of time and worry.
Birthday flower online in Hochiminh city
Birthday flowers delivered straight to the door by Hochiminh flower shop

If you can’t find the perfect birthday flowers in the online shop, please call us or email us, we are happy to help.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Hochiminh Flower Shop

Welcome to Hochiminh Flower Shop. We are proud to be a Vietnamese family owned and run business, providing flower lovers since 1995. The Founder set up hit first florist business in Hochiminh city in the early 1990’s. So, we have been sending billion flowers orders across Hochiminh city, Vietnam

Why choose Hochiminh Flower Shop?

1. We are the leading online florist in Hochiminh city

At Hochiminh Flower Shop, we know that beautiful flowers are a special way to celebrate and honor life's most memorable moments. Our tradition of excellence in flower delivery began over 20 years ago and now, as one of the leading online florist and most trusted online floral and gift retailers in Hochiminh city, we take pride in being a leader in quality, innovation, artistry and dependability.
Beautiful Hochiminh flower shop
Hochiminh Flower Shop at 151 Cong Quynh str., Dist. 1

Our florists are expertly trained, they design and make all delivering quality and service and only the best will do for customers. A lot of love and skill goes into every design, making sure it is just perfect, selecting only the freshest blooms directly from the farm.

All our bouquets and arrangements are checked by our head florist before being carefully placed in a van with one of our friendly drivers who will carefully hand deliver your order to the lucky recipient.

We deliver flowers to Hochiminh city, Vietnam, from Monday to Sunday, free delivery service


2. We only deliver fresh flowers

When you buy flowers from us, we understand that you only want the best for your loved ones. Thus, we pride ourselves in ensuring only the freshest and finest flowers are used. Our flowers are fresh from the Dalat farm, Ecuadorian, Netherland, Thailand,… so when they reach you, they last a lot longer. All our blooms are carefully chosen for their balance of beauty and longevity and are delivered fresh daily. This is why some of the buds maybe a little closed when your flowers arrive, but give them a couple of days and they will open beautifully.

3. Flowers for every occasion

At Hochiminh Flower Shop, we pride ourselves on the quality of your products. We have all flower arrangements to suit every mood, occasion and budget. All our products are designed by our designer florist who out their knowledge, skill and years of expertise into every product that we produce: birthday flowers, Valentine’s day flowers, Mother’s day flowers, Thank you flowers… You can easily find the perfect bouquet or arrangement to celebrate life’s many occasion.
Send flowers to your girlfriend in HCMC
You can easily find the perfect flower to celebrate life's many occasion.

In addition to our fresh flowers, we offer a fantastic selection of gifts that can be added to your purchase to make that gift extra special. From chocolate, vases, teddy bears, balloons, birthday cake, fruit basket…We have those important little express extra covered.

4. Good customer service

No more waiting for the phone to ring to see if your friend received their flowers or calling the florist to ask where your order is… we will send you an email message giving you full details of the delivery as soon as it’s delivered. When you place your order, you will receive email confirmation, and if there is problem, or if you have a query about your order – we are here to help.

If it's your first order, you can get 3% off when you sign in using the code: HCMFS.  To thanks for loyal customer, we’ll send a code for discount up to 10% for the next order.


5. Our service promise

Right flowers, right place, right day – we’ve created processes and systems to keep track of every order at every stage. Delivery issues happen, but we make every effort to make contact and address the issue as soon as we can.

Hochiminh Flower Shop provides easy online flower order and delivery across Hochiminh city, making it a breeze to share feelings and smiles with the special people in your life whether they are near or far.
HCMC flower shop online
Sending flowers is the way to bring more happiness to your loved one

We believe that our expert florist are able to help you with every aspect of your order, from selecting the flowers to arranging a delivery, our team are happy to help. Browse through our selection of flowers, or create your own bouquet and brighten the up of that special someone.
Showroom and Head Office: 151 Cong Quynh Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 01, HoChiMinh City, VietNam
Hotline: +84 973535559 (English) (ViệtNam)

Send flowers to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sending flowers is a great way to remind that special someone how much you care. The traditional approach to purchasing them is by visiting...